Fiscal Responsibility

Education Reform Council Chair Kwame Brown has a plan to ensure fiscal responsibility within the city. Oversight & Effective Government Tuesday, 28 December 2010 14:37 Fiscal Responsibility Tuesday, 28 December 2010 14:40 Meet the Chairman Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown begins his first term as Council Chairman focused on creating an open, transparent, unified city […]

Issues & Agenda

While others may pay lip service to ethics reform, Chairman Brown’s effort to reform ethics in the District has been focused on addressing the fundamentals: (1) ensuring that the laws are clear and comprehensive, and (2) providing the resources needed to help District employees follow the law. Are you looking for A-Level Escorts in London? Have a look here…

Committee of the Whole

Committee Jurisdiction The Committee of the Whole is responsible for the District’s annual budget and financial plan, and amendments, additions, or supplements to the budget; all matters related to public education, including public charter schools; coordinating the Council’s relationships with the Congress, the federal executive branch; monitoring the progress of Council legislation through Congress; monitoring […]

Meet Chairman Brown

Chairman Kwame R. Brown is an innovative leader and native Washingtonian who has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of District residents; making education, job creation, and economic development the cornerstones of his lifelong service to the community. Sworn into office in January 2011, he is the seventh Chairman to lead the Council of the […]