Committee of the Whole

Committee Jurisdiction

The Committee of the Whole is responsible for the District’s annual budget and financial plan, and amendments, additions, or supplements to the budget; all matters related to public education, including public charter schools; coordinating the Council’s relationships with the Congress, the federal executive branch; monitoring the progress of Council legislation through Congress; monitoring the status of original legislative proposals in Congress that may affect the District of Columbia, the Council, or its legislation; the development of the comprehensive plan and other matters pertaining to land use; public space naming; reapportionment and realignment of the political subdivisions of the District of Columbia; labor relations; cable television; appointments to boards and commissions; Council administration and personnel; the scheduling of all matters for consideration by the Council in the legislative meeting; legislative matters related to the District of Columbia as a political entity, including voting rights, and coordinating the Council’s relationships with appropriate regional, state, and national associations and organizations not specifically assigned to other committees.

The Chairman of the Council is the Chairman of the Committee of the Whole and its members include all members of the Council. The Committee of the Whole meets on the third Tuesday of each month, except during periods of Council recess, to consider measures pending in the Committee of the Whole and measures which have been reported and timely filed by other legislative committees and for the introduction and referral of legislation. Each bill and resolution reported by legislative committees of the Council are referred to the Committee of the Whole for a review of its legal sufficiency and technical compliance with the drafting rules of the Council; for ascertaining completion of the record; for a determination of the sufficiency of the fiscal impact statement; and for scheduling for legislative meetings.

Agencies that fall under this Committee:

      • Council of the District of Columbia
      • District of Columbia Auditor
      • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
      • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
      • Office of Budget and Planning
      • Office of Cable Television
      • Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation
      • District of Columbia Public Schools
      • Office of the State Superintendent of Education
      • Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
      • District of Columbia Public Charter School Board
      • Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
      • Office of Zoning
      • Board of Zoning Adjustment
      • Zoning Commission of the District of Columbia
      • Department of General Services

Committee Chairman: Kwame R. Brown
Committee Members: All Councilmembers
Interim Committee Director: Neil Rodgers