Question: Who is my representative on the City Council?

Answer: Your representative on the City Council is determined by the ward you live in. There is one elected representative for each of the 8 wards of the city. There are also 5 elected At-Large members of the Council that represent the entire city. Chairman Brown is one of the five elected At-Large members.

Question: Where are the Council of the District of Columbia offices located?

Answer: Council of the District of Columbia offices are located at the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004

Question: How can I access information regarding government agencies on the Internet?

Answer: You can access information regarding government agencies on the internet by going to www.dc.gov. You can access information regarding the city council by going to www.dccouncil.us.

Question: How can I find out who my Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is, and what ANC Single Member District(SMD) I live in ?

Answer: You can obtain information on your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner(ANC) and Single Member District (SMD) by contacting the Board of Elections and Ethics at 202-727-2525.  Or, you can access their website at www.dcboee.org.

Question: I understand that Chairman Brown and the other Councilmembers have a fund provided by the government to assist constituents with utility, rent, and other bills?

Answer: The Constituent Services Fund that each Council office maintains is not funded by the government. Money for the Consituent Service Fund is provided through private donations by citizens of the District or other private donations. Chairman Brown does not have a constituent services fund.

Question: Who should I contact to request services from the city such as street and alley cleaning, repair of pot holes, and other city services?

Answer: To request city services, you should contact the Mayor’s Command Center at 202- 727-1000 or by dialing 311. A service representative will take your request and provide you with a tracking number.

The tracking number can be used to follow-up on the request. You may contact Chairman Brown’s Constituent Services Staff, or the constituent services office of your ward councilmember if you have any problems resolving the issue as well.

Question: Can Chairman Brown have a parking violation removed for me?

Answer: Chairman Brown cannot remove parking violations or any other citaitions or infractions constituents receive from the city. The Department of Motor Vehicles does allow you to contest a ticket you may receive. Instructions for contesting a parking violation can be found on the back of the ticket issued.

Question: Who can request a referendum through the Council?

Answer: Any registered voter in the District of Columbia can request a referendum through the Board of Elections and Ethics.

Question: Can the Council override Federal laws?

Answer: No. The Council cannot override Federal laws.

Question: Does the Council have any control over city government agencies?

Answer: District government agencies come under the control of the Executive Office of the Mayor. The Council has legislative oversight, through various Council committees, but no management control over the agencies.